What if the entire world was infected with a devastating disease thatshot 4 always ended in death, always? And what if, after searching the world over, doctors discovered that if they could find fresh, uninfected blood, and inject it into people, they would be 100% cured, instantly? But, where could we find this “pure” blood?

The story is not a fiction. The facsin-chestt is, we all have been infected (Romans 5:12). It is a deadly disease and it always ends in death (James 1:15; Romans 3:23). Without an antidote, everyone would surely die. The disease is sin. It is in every human being that has ever lived and all who will ever live. It is in our bloodstream. We all have it (Isaiah 53:6). There is no one who is free from the disease (Romans 3:10; Ecclesiastes 7:20).

You see, sin kills. It destroys in many ways but the primary result is spiritual death – separation from God. Sin, as defined in the Old Testament, is failing to keep God’s Holy Law…perfectly. If we break one part of the Law we break it all (James 2:10). And that failure has an ultimate moses tabletsconsequence because God is holy and so is His Law. The Law is just, meaning it is no respecter of men. If it is broken it must be satisfied, and no one is exempt. If you run a red light, you have broken the law and the law demands justice. So, you go to court and there is a fine, a payment for breaking the law. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. The law is just. If you commit murder, in some states, you will have to pay the ultimate fine…your life. A life for a life. The only justice is your death. The Law requires it.

Sin is like a disease because it came into the world through one man and then it was passed on to all of us (Romans 5:12). We all, like silly sheep, have gone astray…we’ve wandered off and left the path of safety and wisdom (Isaiah 53:6). This is the symptom of sin…it is in us, all of us. And it has already killed you…period. Sin kills. The only cure is to never get it – to live a perfect life…no sin, absolutely pure. There is one other solution and that is to have someone else die in your place. Someone has to love you enough to step up and offer his or her life for yours. As we have seen in movies, someone from the back of the courtroom stands up and says, “Take me, spare this person. I will die in his place.” The person steps forward and is seen being shackled and led off to await his execution while the accused is free to leave and go on living.

Well this makes for great theater andjudges might even have occurred in real life. But it can only happen if the person offering their life is completely free from any other charges. For, how could a condemned man offer his, already condemned, life for another. If that were possible, we would only have one man in prison in place of every convicted criminal in the world. But that is not possible. A life for a life. This is the great problem of mankind. If we all have sinned, then we all are guilty and we all have a price tag on our heads. We are not free to offer our lives as a ransom for someone else. In the same way, using our disease illustration, we are already infected, all of us. We all have the disease of sin. Even if we wanted to, none of us could die for someone else’s sin. We are already infected.

If we could find a person, anyone, who has not been infected by the disease of sin, their blood couldalien-et_1775433i be transfused into ours and bring complete healing. But, if we have all been infected there is simply no hope for any of us. It would require an alien to appear, someone not of this world, who has our exact blood yet has not been infected. There is such a person. Born of an earthly mother and a heavenly father…having our blood yet completely without sin. His name is Jesus. The sinless God-Man who gave His life to save the world. He who knew no sin became sin, that we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21). An exchange; a life for a life. “For without the shedding of blood there is no remission (forgiveness) of sin” (Hebrews 9:22).

All we have to do is recognize that we have this deadly disease and cry out to Him to save us. “Jesus! Save us!” And He will inject us with the life saving power of His untainted, pure blood (Romans 10:9-10). You can do nothing to save your own self (Luke 18:27). There is no one else who can save you (Acts 4:12). For we all have the disease. But, by simply believing in your heart that He can and willblood-of-jesus_t save you, and by crying out with your mouth – “Lord, help!” You will be saved (Romans 10:9). It is that easy and yet it will transform your whole life. At that moment, Jesus promises to remove your sin from you, all of it, past, present, and future, as far as the East is from the West (Psalm 103:12). And He will give you a new life (2 Corinthians 5:17) and a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26), a heart that is just like His…you will be made new and you will have eternal life (1John 5:11) as well as life abundant and free, right here, right now (John 10:10). Take the shot. Call out to Him. Receive your healing, free of charge, life changing, now and forever!